Essential Insight
Every law firm is seeking a deeper understanding of their operations. Motivated by mergers, relocations, expansions, financial goals, or changes in the practice, firms have a growing imperative for better information to guide their most critical decisions.In response to this need, ofPartner has developed RevelationLegal, a unique analysis designed specifically for the legal environment that provides unprecedented vision into a firm’s operation.
RevelationLegal is an HR analytics dashboard built on job related information.
It turns data from both legal and support staff into meaningful information about how to improve your organizations performance. Here’s how…
Employee centric approach

We use a simple online survey that asks staff and attorneys to describe the activities they perform during a typical year.

We speak your language

Improving the ease of the process is always on our minds. The survey language can be tailored to fit your firm’s nomenclature.

Requires an investment of just minutes

Knowledge workers have valuable insight about their work. Gather their work profile data efficiently and with minimal impact.

Minimal investment, significant return

View the results and analysis from every angle, identify strategic opportunities, formulate implementation plans.

A powerful management tool

Gather all needed insight with our survey-based solution. Base your decisions on evidence. Establish buy-in from both management and staff with greater credibility.

In the cloud, secure and private

Results are provided through an easy-to-use portal that allows you to view and analyze your firm as a holistic organization.

The key to innovation is in the way people work, RevelationLegal unlocks it for you.
We recognized the need to answer a seemingly simple question: How are our most valuable resources – our people – being utilized?

Despite the apparent simplicity of the question, decades of law firm management experience have revealed that it is in fact very difficult, if not impossible, for most law firms to answer that question with any degree of specificity.  However, an answer is in fact needed to support literally every initiative undertaken by a firm.

To address this need, we developed RevelationLegal.
“RevelationLegal allows you to quickly see how attorneys and support staff spend their time, and what those activities are costing the firm.”
Who could utilize the RevelationLegal results?

Senior Firm Leadership
Office Leadership
Practice Area/Group Leadership
Administrative Departmental Leadership

How can the RevelationLegal results be utilized?

Firm and practice area/group strategic planning
Analyze legal personnel utilization
Develop a cost basis for AFA calculations
Benchmark strategic and operational initiatives
Restructure administrative functions
Reorganize administrative departments and personnel
Develop core competency models
And much more…

RevelationLegal’s scalable and flexible design allows it to be used to address a wide range of challenges...
The Process

  • Step 1


    We will help develop your communication plan and project schedule

  • Step 2


    You will provide participant information and the survey will be customized to meet your requirements.

  • Step 3


    When completed the survey will be deployed to target employees, typically for 10-18 days.

  • Step 4


    Results are available online; we also build a full report within two weeks of the survey closing.

  • Step 5


    The team will then arrange an insights presentation to go through the results.